Want to invest in a lifestyle that will fuel the future of cities for this generation and the next?  Perfect.  We are building a green headquarters as a prototype of a model where business, family, community, and independent, economic, self-sustaining living intersect and evolve together, as one, in an earth-friendly manner.

Just imagine your neighbors on the 800-block having grocery stores in their backyards that look like urban farms of fruits and vegetables; and your 600-block neighbors maintaining the free energy power grid that gives wi-fi and electricity to the neighborhood for laptops, washing machines, furnaces, iPhones, air-conditioning, Tesla vehicles, etc.; over on the 900-block your neighbors specialize in aquaponics and indoor growing for the winter seasons; the 300-block grows cotton and bamboo, and manufactures fabric for clothing, and materials for building. This is our future.

THE GOAL = $30,000.00

RAISED SO FAR = $500.00

TO GO = $29,500.00


Contact us at COMPOUND7even@gmail.com for more information, and check back periodically for updates on how things are going.