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The Esoteric History Of The New Age

by Mr. Godspell

Respect and salute Professor Griff, Dr. Valentine, UnderGround Railroad Radio, The Pills, Dr. Welsing, Mr. Ivan van Sertima, Jasiri X, William Cooper and the rest of you who positively and righteously love & cultivate & create for the Oneness of All.

"To Freeing The Truth!"


Slim Tha Dj & Robin Grayson & LUC | 7ity, Pittsburgh, PA, Middle East, USA | 2018

Benji from the Temple...vibe out.

Young Zende - the 7ity's best-kept "secret."  The blow up is as soon as the right A&R comes across one of his pages.

Swav Pav...what?? is?? this?? somebody hit up JoeKay at Soulection, please.

@KAYIN out of Philadelphia, much love bruh!


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It's all about cars, music, dance, food and celebrating the underground culture of our 7ity.

Livefromthecity. Period.

BLAK PRIDE "The Anthem" is about being unapologetically blak and remembering to SLAY, just like my ancestors did. Video by Ziggy Sawdust | Audio Production/Engineering by Livefromthecity | Dennis Snyder on live instrumentation | recorded by Tuff Sound Recordings | sponsored by 1Hood and Hillombo

"III" - the Mixtape - by Bird, the 17 year old artist straight out the 412. Check her out on FB - "Bird" | TW - iscream_bird | SC - Ayeebirdxx | IG - iscream_birdx

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Lemuria, Atlantis, American Aborigines, early civilizations, 3rd Eye Chakra, American Initiation Mystery Systems, Ancient Egypt/South America, Ancient Jerusalem, Mexico, Memphis, North America/Lands of Heru/Upper Egypt, Hebrews, Mecca, Mt.