Compound 7 is home to the planet's newest element: a combination of VÜDÜ clothing, Melanated Music and UNDRGRND events.  It is a new age's movement that is elevating the postmodern mind beyond it's potential, with ancient (and present) knowledge and wisdom of the esoteric.

Co7 will re-enlighten the human being to its divine self.  We believe that knowing oneself - from all angles, levels and perspectives - is the key to the true essence of existence.  Co7 will remind you of the hidden truth(s) from a metaphysical standpoint in subjects spanning from history to mathematics, science and language, spirituality, nutrition, law, astrology.

Our aim is to realign the human body with the universe, and the only way to truly do that is by sparking the human mind to seek knowledge and wisdom; and that is a daunting task because on our planet the mind is shackled and at war against an evil, subliminal and ingenious enemy of great power.

Coming Soon